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Join Hakan and Paul on a three day, two night trip around the Coromandel shooting landscapes and astroscapes. This workshop will cover all that's required to capture and process beautiful landscape images.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from two photographers with very different styles. The wealth of knowledge on hand will make for an unmatched photographic experience.

Accommodation is included and travel throughout each day will be provided. There's no need to arrange transportation other than getting to Hahei, Coromandel. We may be able to collect you from other locations around the Coromandel so please contact contact us before arranging travel to Hahei.

Moderate fitness required.

Itinerary - TBC

All nights, if clear, will see us shooting astro too! Locations are flexible and may be changed to suit the weather conditions.

Techniques covered

  • The importance and application of composition

  • Mastering your camera's settings

  • Processing with Lightroom to make the most of your RAW files

  • The art of long exposures - capturing and processing

  • Astro photography if the weather permits

What to bring

  • Camera & lenses

  • Tripod - we have a spare available, message us beforehand if you'd like to borrow it.

  • Memory cards

  • Batteries and charger

  • Shutter release (wired or through an app)

  • Filter set - we have a couple spare sets for others to use, message us beforehand if you'd like to use a set so we can check if we have the right adapter for your lens size.

  • Warm clothing

  • Sturdy footwear

  • Laptop (optional) to follow along on processing sessions throughout the workshop